Data Matching Services

Creating a Single Customer View

Our Data Matching Services allows you to establish connections with the most legit prospects from various Industries. We thoroughly verify the set of databases and segregate it according to the respective fields and link similar records from a batch file of contact records.

Using a series of searching and matching techniques, our data experts accurately identify duplicate records and remove incorrect as well as redundant information from your database. This improver your lead generation, lead retention and return on investment.

Our Data Matching includes b2b data matching, b2c data matching, and title matching.

B2B Data Matching

With Akmatics B2B data matching services, you can get all your B2B data lists matched. Our b2b data matching service boosts your business performance and gives you valuable insights about your customers by linking and merging your contact records using advanced matching technology.

B2C Data Matching

With our B2C data matching services, managing B2C data becomes very easy. We collect raw records from our clients, match them against our vast database, add missing details, remove invalid information and cross verify the matched data. Our matched data offers relevant, updated contact information of your customers and leads you to successful marketing campaigns.


  • Improves deliverance rate
  • Eliminates wrong and duplicate information
  • Better response ratio
  • Makes marketing campaigns more effective
  • Get accurate contact details
  • Improve customer experience

Title Matching

Titles are very crucial for successful targeted marketing, as knowing a title allows you to personalize your offer with an engaging pitch that may lead to an enriched conversion rate. Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns knowing whom you are targeting, using our alternate Contact/Title Matching Service.

What Our Title Matching Service Offers?

  • Identify missing information.
  • Boost sales opportunities.
  • Increase multi-channel marketing.
  • Enhances declining conversion rates.
  • Improves revenue.