Data Licensing Services

Secure the current quality of your database with Data Licensing

Through our premium data licensing solution we provide an extra layer of security on your data, as the quality of data acquired through varied sources is questionable. Our licensed data gives you a high rate of quality control over your data and lets you easily identify your targets safely.

Our data licensing services provide secured and authorized data to help our clients to make informed decisions. Our data experts regularly update, modify your data sets along with detailed verification and ensure that you get access to the clean, real-time and correct databases as per your business needs and preferences.

Our B2B Data Licensing includes:

  • Open Data Commons Attribution License
  • Open Database License (ODBL)
  • Public Domain Dedication and License (PDDL)

Why Akmatics for Data Licensing Services?

  • Improve the quality of consumer/business data.
  • Curtail the cost of management & data acquisition
  • Ensure the reliability of data and consistency
  • Gives an enterprise view of all data
  • Identify targets easily through secure access