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Akmatics, a qualified source for all of your B2B Mailing Lists and Business Data needs.

We offer the most accurate b2b marketing services, prequalified B2B Email Lists solutions that are specially designed to stimulate a high rate of response. We serve companies across all verticals (such as Finance, Technology, Hospitality, Healthcare, Travel, Automotive, IT, Education, etc,.) globally to reach their sales targets with the best ROI at a reasonable cost.

Our B2B Marketing Solutions and Data Services includes:

Buy Targeted Email Lists to reach key-decision makers.
Perfect Customer Data Lists

Reaching your New Customers is Easier now With Akmatics

Procure lucrative sale for your upcoming direct mail or email marketing campaigns through our qualified B2B Mailing Lists & efficient Data Services and amplify your marketing into Revenue Engine.

Custom Direct Mail Solutions

Choose from our vast list of qualified databases and customize your lists and reach new customers to suit your upcoming direct mail campaign requirements.

Expert Guidance

Our dedicated team of data experts will assist you whenever it requires and helps in each step of your business growth by providing data solutions that increase your sales.

Data compliance

We adhere to all the rules and regulations of Data compliance. We are working relentlessly to make our databases more secure and aligned with the practices of Data Protection Law.

Enhancing your Marketing Database
Highly Targeted B2B & B2C Mailing Lists and Sales Leads Database For services

Reach your targeted people at verified contact points.

Inaccurate and incomplete data can hamper your campaign result and damage your company reputation, so it is necessary to keep a tab on the database and ensure it's updated periodically. People keep shifting and so their contact details.

Enhance the quality of your database and make your data the most valuable asset.

Inconsistent data can often be pricey for a business as it may lead to losing customers and vitiating your company's reputation. Our Data cleansing services are planned to help businesses in increasing their company's productivity and ROI whilst reducing cost and wastage.

Contact the right section of your audience and plan more efficient marketing strategies.

By segmenting your data, we make your database easily searchable through our advanced Data Segmentation service. This allows you to identify different levels of your customer database and reach your target market with the right pitch to every segment known.

Enhance your existing database with Accurate Data and Enrich Promotion Activities.

Research says that 6 out of 10 people usually open new email accounts, change jobs, move house or get a new phone number but, by assuming that your old data is up-to-date and correct you might miss out on contacting your loyal and interested customers who have changed their contact information.

Secure the current quality of your database with Data Licensing

Through our premium data licensing solution we provide an extra layer of security on your data, as the quality of data acquired through varied sources is questionable. Our licensed data gives you a high rate of quality control over your data and lets you easily identify your targets safely.

Creating a Single Customer View

Our Data Matching service allows you to establish connections with the most legit prospects from various Industries. We thoroughly verify the set of databases and segregate it according to the respective fields and link similar records from a batch file of contact records.

Industry's best & most up-to-date Business Mailing Lists

Opt-in emails are an excellent method for your customers to let you know that they like your product or service and would like to be kept in the loop when it comes to your new promotions, specials, and changes in existing products or services.

Why Choose Akmatics?

On-demand marketing mailing lists with highly targeted data fields.
Reliable and accurate business data solutions.
Prequalified Business Email Lists.
Direct contact with the business key decision-makers and executives.
B2B Database ranging from small firms to large multinational companies.
Real-time data management solutions.

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